Do you sometimes feel stiff, sore, or awkward while doing things that used to be easier?
Do you want to become a better performer or athlete? Do you feel as if you have “maxed out” ?
Would you like to recover more quickly from exertion, both physical and mental?
Would you like to move more freely? Breathe more easily? Speak more smoothly?

In short, would you like to be more efficient at whatever you choose to do?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from lessons in the Alexander Technique.

AT - main_image“The Alexander Technique helps you discover how the body is designed to function so that you can work with the design rather than against it.” – Dr. Phillip Bull, Rheumatologist

Taught at the Mayo Clinic, the Alexander Technique imparts skills of thought and movement which restore the natural state you enjoyed in childhood: free of tension, free of stress, and free of harmful habits.

You will learn to create your own wellness as a result of how you think, rather than how you medicate.